30 French Doctors Join International Magen David Adom Team

30 French Doctors Join International Magen David Adom Team

A group of 30 dedicated medical professionals from various cities across France recently made their way to Israel. Their mission was to participate in an intensive training program organized by the international division of Magen David Adom (MADA), the national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service of Israel.

The highly specialized course is designed to provide these doctors with a comprehensive understanding of the professional standards and protocols employed by MADA. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical training that covers a wide range of areas. This includes learning how to operate the latest equipment that the Israeli ambulance service utilizes, both in standard outpatient clinics and within their advanced resuscitation vehicles. Moreover, the course also involves a detailed study of MADA’s operational guidelines and much more.

Upon successful completion of this rigorous course, these doctors, who have traveled from France, earn the esteemed position of international volunteer doctors within MADA.

In addition to the intensive training, the French delegates also had the opportunity to visit various stations located in the southern region of Israel. They listened to first-hand accounts from their Israeli counterparts who serve as volunteers at MADA. These stories covered significant events, including what it was like working during the harrowing Black Saturday on October 7, and the experiences during the War of Iron Swords.

The International Division of MADA was formed in 2007. Since then, it has grown to unite over 1,000 volunteers from around the globe. These individuals encompass a wide range of medical professionals, including doctors, paramedics, and other specialty professionals. During the War of Iron Swords, MADA’s international division saw a significant increase in support, with 198 doctors and paramedics arriving to assist their Israeli colleagues, thus bolstering the MADA crews within Israel.

Dr. Jean Marc Ade, a participating doctor from Paris, shared his thoughts about the experience. “For me, this course was a unique opportunity to share my skills and abilities with the people of Israel,” he said. “The care that MADA provides to the injured and sick, whether in ambulances or in intensive care vehicles, is of the highest quality. I was proud to be part of the MADA field crew.”

The visit of the French doctors to Israel was organized by Victor Vince, the General Director of the organization “Friends of MADA in France.” He indicated that every year, medical professionals from all over the world travel to Israel to take part in the courses offered by the international division of Magen David Adom. “The purpose of this program is to create a reserve of individuals, both men and women, who are ready to leave their families behind in difficult times and come to aid Israel,” he explained.