31-Year-Old Woman Punished for Illegally Selling 800 Cakes Online

31-Year-Old Woman Punished for Illegally Selling 800 Cakes Online

In Linz, Austria, it is not unusual for the government to monitor undeclared work, particularly in sectors such as construction and catering. However, a recent case stands out from the norm.

A 31-year-old Austrian woman is currently facing accusations of operating an illegal confectionery business. It is alleged that she sold as many as 806 cakes via the internet, without declaring and paying taxes on the income.

The Austrian Ministry of Finance has estimated that her earnings from these sales reached approximately 72,000 euros.

Social media activities led to the baker’s exposure

Beyond her unreported baking business, the woman is also believed to have been receiving persistent unemployment benefits and emergency aid since the start of 2022. The Upper Austrian Employment Service (AMS) reports that she illegally received around 16,882 euros in this manner.

Finance Minister Magnus Brunner has emphasized that such activities are far from trivial offenses. They undermine the principles of a fair economy and a solidarity-based society.

Interestingly, the financial police officers discovered the woman’s illicit activities following a complaint about her social media account. The account featured 806 photos showcasing her cakes, and she used the platform to accept orders via direct messages. “The illegal confectioner collected 90 euros per cake,” a ministry spokesperson has revealed.

An official report has been submitted to the AMS to address the issue of the woman’s fraudulently obtained support.

Moreover, the public prosecutor and the tax office have charged the woman with fraud and tax evasion. As a result, she now faces the possibility of significant back payments and additional penalties.