A X Spaces Introduces Live Video Option

A X Spaces Introduces Live Video Option

X has introduced a live video feature to its Spaces function, which previously only supported live audio conversations on the platform. This new video feature can be turned on during ongoing chat sessions.

Previously known as Twitter, the platform had a live video broadcasting feature called Periscope. This application, which was one of the first to popularize live vertical format video, was integrated into the main feed of the platform.

In 2021, the company decided to shut down Periscope due to declining usage and increasing costs of support, as per the company’s statement.

Despite ending Periscope, the company kept developing the live broadcast feature. In May, the company’s owner, Elon Musk, teased a pixelated clip dubbed ‘8-Bit Elon’. He later revealed that this feature was functioning “reasonably well.”

The live video function has now been integrated into the X Spaces feature, which facilitates live audio conversations on the platform. This feature is accessible to anyone on iOS and Android devices, as the company details on its blog.

User DogeDesigner, known for his interactions with Musk, has shared a tutorial for this new video feature. The tutorial suggests that the feature can be enabled within the Spaces settings, and might be exclusive to administrators.

X has confirmed the rollout of this new feature through its official profile. However, it hasn’t specified its availability across different devices or whether it’ll be available on the web version of the platform.

spaces are now CAMERA ON (if u like) https://t.co/yukiqhyvf6

— X (@X) February 28, 2024