Algebra’s MBA Program for Product Management Profession Now Open for Applications

Algebra’s MBA Program for Product Management Profession Now Open for Applications

The Algebra Business School has unveiled a new program for its MBA, which is specifically aimed at product managers. This new program is categorized as a partial qualification, and is recognized as an HKO level six. The duration of the program is five months, and upon completion, students are rewarded with 21 ECTS points, along with the prestigious title of a professional training product manager.

Students can officially start the program from April 13, and applications are currently being accepted through the official Algebra website. The program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative products. This will be achieved through hands-on experience with real case studies from leading companies like Netflix and Amazon. Students will be taught how to identify the needs of a market (be it users or clients), analyze the strategic fit and business profitability of product development, design necessary product functionalities, and define metrics for product monitoring and improvement. They will also learn how to manage product development and testing at various maturity stages, lead a team, collaborate with other departments within a company, and design a marketing and communication strategy. Furthermore, they will be trained to manage the entire product life cycle.

Industry experts have played a significant role in the development of the MBA Business School program. Many of these professionals, who have gained experience from companies like Infobip, Happening, and Endava, will continue to contribute to the program as lecturers.

According to Arsen Šolić, the head of the e-leadership department at the Algebra MBA Business School, the product manager plays a crucial role in any organization. Among other responsibilities, the product manager serves as the liaison between various departments, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal at the right pace. In a matrix-project organization, the product manager must recognize which human resources are needed for the realization of a product, and how and when they should be engaged. The product manager also works closely with the management, finance, marketing, and engineering teams, making them the main link within the company, and between the client and the company.

The new MBA program was launched with the objective of further leveraging the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), and to develop the skills and competencies of individuals in charge of product management, especially in the IT sector. However, other product-oriented businesses can also benefit from this program. As the demand for specialists and product managers continues to grow, companies will need professionals who can manage the entire product development cycle and establish competitive and innovative production strategies. This is even more crucial considering the recent layoffs in the service sector of IT, and the increasing shortage of employees in IT companies that are focused on developing their own high-value products.

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