Amanda Lear in “Gimme Des Piques” Performance

Amanda Lear in “Gimme Des Piques” Performance

REVIEW – In the biting vaudeville production that explores the divide between the rich and the poor, the actress truly shines.

The play begins with the introduction of an old billionaire, played by Amanda Lear, who throws a sharp quip at her maid, instantly winning the audience’s laughter and applause. The star, Amanda Lear, is unquestionably the center of attention, with the other four cast members serving as her supporting actors. The production, titled Old woman’s money, offers a satirical take on wealth and power, revolving around a wealthy heiress who stakes her fortune on a game of Belote against a less-than-intelligent pair who are consistently taken advantage of. The maid, played by Jeanne Perrin, is the daughter of this exploited couple and serves as an intriguing character in the narrative.

A Series of Comedic Sketches

Anastasia, the maid, is a recurring target of her employer’s scorn, referred to by a variety of derogatory names that elicit laughter from the audience. The play also features a mysterious character named Georges, the billionaire’s butler, who eagerly awaits his share of the wealth. The scenes unfold through a series of comedic sketches, interspersed with snippets of money-themed songs such as Pink Floyd’s Money and the theme from the iconic series Dallas. The set is a garish depiction of affluence, complete with a hideous painting concealing a safe full of cash.

The play progresses at a rapid pace, driven by the sharp and cunning retorts of the star.
Louis Josse.

The play is a lively mix of entertainment and ennui, featuring characters who struggle to survive amidst the stifling atmosphere of wealth and power. Despite their efforts to cheat their way to prosperity, the less fortunate characters are left worse off than before.

The character of the maid, Anastasia, serves as a poignant representation of class struggle and is the political anchor of this dark comedy. The heiress views the poor with the same fascination one might have when watching animals in a zoo. The play suggests that ignorance is a universal trait, and that both wealth and poverty can lead to moral decay. While Old woman’s money may not be a memorable production, it undoubtedly delivers what the audience came for – an uninhibited performance from Amanda Lear.