An In-Depth Guide to Football Over/Under Selection at Hi88

An In-Depth Guide to Football Over/Under Selection at Hi88

Soccer over/under betting is a favorite pastime for many betting enthusiasts and remains a prevalent bet type among soccer punters. For those unfamiliar with over/under betting in soccer, understanding the details is crucial. This article, provided by Hi88, will shed light on the topic.

The Popularity of Soccer Over/Under Betting

In soccer over/under betting, punters can choose from a variety of options, including over/under goals, corner kicks, and penalty cards. The bookmaker sets a score, and the bettor predicts whether the final result will be higher or lower than the set score.

Though not a particularly unique betting type, soccer over/under betting still presents a challenge and requires careful consideration. To provide a better understanding, we’ll discuss a few popular types of soccer over/under bets:

Over/Under Goals

Over/Under goals betting is a typical bet type in soccer betting. It was the first introduced over/under betting type before the inception of other betting types. In this bet, punters predict the total number of goals both teams will score in a match. If the teams score more goals than the bookmaker’s set number, you can choose over, and vice versa.

Over/Under goals betting is usually divided into two types: over/under goals in the first half and over/under goals in the entire match. The first half over/under counts goals in the first half only, while the whole match over/under includes the total number of goals scored throughout the game. The whole match over/under is generally more popular due to its higher prediction accuracy.

Over/Under Corner Kicks

Over/Under corner kicks is the second most popular over/under bet type after over/under goals. Betting on corner kicks has similar odds as betting on over/under goals. However, to succeed in over/under corner kicks betting, a more comprehensive understanding of the game is required.

Like over/under goals betting, over/under corner kicks betting is also divided into the first half and the whole match. The odds for the whole match often fluctuate between 7-9, which is the average number set by bookmakers for over/under corner kicks in each match. To succeed in this type of betting, a clear understanding of each team’s playing style is necessary.

Over/Under Penalty Cards

Betting on over/under penalty cards is another viable option for those looking to explore all types of bets. While not as popular as the above-mentioned bet types, in over/under penalty cards betting, punters predict the number of cards the referee will give during the match.

The odds for over/under penalty cards usually range between 4-5, reflecting the average number of cards given per match. However, this bet type is considered relatively challenging to predict accurately due to its dependence on various factors like referees’ decisions, players’ attitudes, among others.

Understanding Soccer Over/Under Odds

Understanding how to read over/under odds is crucial for successful soccer betting. Although not particularly difficult to comprehend, over/under odds can be challenging to predict accurately. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Soccer over/under betting typically involves predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match, with two betting options: over and under.
  • Over bets are for punters predicting a higher number of goals than the bookmaker’s set number, and under bets are for those predicting less.
  • The bookmaker determines the threshold for the over and under bets, known as the odds.
  • Bettors win both over and under bets if the total number of goals scored in the match is at least 0.5 more or less than the odds. If the total is 0.25, punters may win or lose half their bet. In cases where the total number of goals matches the odds, the bet is a draw, and the bettor neither wins nor loses.

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Understanding Specific Football Over/Under Odds

To help bettors visualize soccer over/under odds, we’ll explore specific odds. These are numbers that provide an accurate representation of over/under odds in a match. Understanding these numbers can significantly simplify the betting process for players.

Football Over/Under 3/4

Football over/under 3/4 isn’t a common bet type in the over/under betting system. It’s typically used in first half bets with goal predictions ranging from 0-2 goals. There are two potential prediction cases for over/under 3/4:

  • An Over bettor wins the bet if both teams score at least one goal. If only one goal is scored, the bettor wins half the bet. If two or more goals are scored, the bettor wins the entire bet.
  • An Under bettor wins if both teams fail to score. If both teams score one goal, the bettor loses half the bet.

Football Over/Under 2

Football over/under 2 provides bettors with more options and opportunities for analysis during the match. This type of bet usually applies to the entire match but isn’t overly common. Here are the specific prediction cases:

  • An Over bettor wins if the total number of goals scored by both teams exceeds two.
  • An Under bettor wins if the total number of goals scored by both teams is less than two.
  • If the total number of goals scored by both teams is exactly two, the bet is a draw, regardless of whether the bettor chose over or under.

Football Over/Under 2 1/4

Football over/under 2 1/4 is a more popular bet type among soccer bettors due to its attractive accidental predictions. Here are the prediction cases for this type of bet:

  • An Over bettor needs both teams to score at least three goals to win the bet.
  • An Under bettor wins the bet if both teams score less than two goals.
  • If exactly two goals are scored in the match, the Over bettor loses half the bet, and the Under bettor wins half the bet.

Other Football Over/Under Odds

In general, over/under betting has many similarities with other types of bets, including Asian, European, and goal score bets. Besides the numbers representing over/under goal bets, there are other numbers like 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, 3.5, and so on.

Further, bettors can also choose to bet on over/under cards and goals. In such cases, one might encounter numbers like 3.75, 4.0, 4.25, 4.5 in over/under card betting. For over/under corner kick betting, common numbers include 7, 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, 8.5, etc. These numbers are read similarly to over/under goal bet numbers. Understanding how to read a few odds can help bettors grasp the general rules when reading over/under betting odds.

Is Soccer Over/Under Betting Legal?

Is soccer over/under betting illegal? This is a common question among bettors. To answer this question, we need to understand a few key points.

First, bettors in Vietnam must adhere to Vietnamese law. Currently, online soccer betting isn’t a legally operated game in Vietnam. However, Vietnam only has jurisdiction over entities established within its borders.

Most bettors in Vietnam participate in over/under soccer betting through foreign bookmakers. Since Vietnam cannot interfere with the economic activities of other countries, bettors are not breaking the law by participating in such betting. Moreover, most major bookmakers operate under government licenses, ensuring that betting is 100% legal.

Safely Bet on Soccer Over/Under at Hi88

Given the above information, it’s clear that choosing a reputable bookmaker is crucial. If you’re looking for a reliable place to bet, consider Hi88.

Legal Operation

Hi88 is a reputable bookmaker in the Asian market. Established in the Philippines, Hi88 is one of the few bookmakers licensed to operate immediately upon establishment. As such, Hi88 operates 100% legally.

Betting at a legally operating bookmaker ensures player safety. Being a legal bookmaker, Hi88’s operations are carefully monitored, minimizing the occurrence of unexpected issues.

Advanced Security

Hi88 offers an advanced and secure betting environment. The importance of a secure betting environment cannot be overstated, as it guarantees the safety of your personal information and money in your account.

Hi88’s security system has been approved by many security censorship organizations, including PAGCOR, a renowned organization that oversees online bookmakers in the Asian region. Thus, Hi88 ranks among the most reputable bookmakers available.


Hi88 is known for its transparency in all activities, including publicizing bettors’ betting results and payment categories. This transparency has earned Hi88 a positive reputation among the betting community.

Fair Odds

Hi88 provides fair odds to all its bettors. Fair odds balance the financial risks among bettors and make it easier for them to choose their bets. Moreover, fair odds ensure that bettors receive a fair payout.

Diverse Options

Hi88 offers a wide range of betting options, including a full range of over/under bets. They also broadcast major tournaments, allowing bettors to follow along while betting. This wide range of options and services highlights Hi88’s reliability.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in soccer over/under betting, Hi88 is a trustworthy choice. Armed with the information provided above, we hope you feel more confident in your journey to master this popular betting type.

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