Another Officer Faces Charges Following Shooting Incident

Another Officer Faces Charges Following Shooting Incident

In Dortmund, Germany, a police officer from Nordstadtwache is due to face legal proceedings. The officer is accused of discharging his service weapon without due cause. The Public Prosecutor’s office has charged the 34-year-old inspector with attempted serious bodily harm and attempted coercion whilst carrying out his duties.

The officer reportedly fired six shots at a Mercedes car fleeing the scene on December 25, 2022. The car was occupied by two young individuals, with the driver, a 17-year-old, lacking the requisite driver’s license. His 18-year-old friend had apparently let him take control of the wheel.

The driver, Hamsa G., had been revving the car’s engine continually, leading to complaints from residents, who contacted the police at around 2:30 a.m. Upon arrival, the police spotted the Mercedes waiting at a red traffic light and positioned their patrol car in front of it.

A spokesperson for the police stated that the officers had exited their vehicle and the stop signs were ignored by the occupants of the Mercedes. Consequently, the officers fired shots, although no one was injured in the incident.

However, it seems this was merely a matter of luck. Multiple bullets ended up hitting the limousine, with one shot even striking the steering wheel. From the information obtained by BILD, it appears another vehicle was struck by the gunfire as well.

The Mercedes came to a halt in front of a kiosk where several people were reportedly present. The two young occupants of the car drove into the city in a state of panic following the shooting. They abandoned the car and surrendered to the police, offering no resistance upon their arrival.

The accused officer was known for his level-headedness

The officer in question, known among his peers for his experience and calm demeanor, was suspended following the incident. Investigators from Recklinghausen took over the case. The investigators undertook a detailed reconstruction of the incident on January 6th, leading to the conclusion that the officer was not in a self-defense situation that warranted the use of a firearm.

Hamsa G.’s legal representative, Burkhard Benecken (47, Marl), stated, “My client could have died. He is still suffering from the effects of this incident. For him, it’s like reliving a horror movie over and over again.”

Benecken and the client’s father were both present during the reconstruction of the incident. Upon seeing the bullet holes, the father was visibly shaken and near collapse. Benecken quoted the father as saying, “I became a father to Hamsa for the second time.”

The charges are pending approval from the Dortmund Regional Court.

Another Nordstadt officer is currently facing a manslaughter trial

Another trial has been underway for several weeks involving colleagues of the accused 34-year-old officer. These officers, also from the Nordstadt area, are facing charges of manslaughter following the death of refugee Mouhamed Dramé (†16) among other charges.

The officers had initially been attempting to prevent the young man, who was armed with a knife, from taking his own life. However, after being hit with pepper spray and a Taser, Mouhamed moved towards Inspector Fabian S. (30), who in response fired six shots. Five of these bullets struck Mouhamed, resulting in his death.