Apple Employee Natasha Dach Terminated Following Antisemitic Instagram Post

Apple Employee Natasha Dach Terminated Following Antisemitic Instagram Post

Apple Fires Employee Over Antisemitic Instagram Post

Tech giant Apple has terminated an employee for sharing anti-Semitic content on social media. Natasha Dach, in her Instagram post, referred to herself as “a proud German” and made derogatory remarks about Jewish people, labeling them as “murderers and thieves.”

The organization StopAntisemitism, dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, revealed Dach’s post. “For the few Zionists on my list that unfollowed me or plan to do, lol, u guys sometimes forget that I am a proud German,” wrote Ms. Dach. “I know who you really are: murderers and thieves,” she added.

Dach further accused Jewish people of sneaking into countries, stealing lives, jobs, homes, and torturing others. She claimed that they label any acts against them as terrorism while being the true invaders and terrorists themselves.

StopAntisemitism also shared Dach’s LinkedIn page, which identified her as a Technical Specialist & Manager Apprentice at Apple.

In response, Apple fired Dach, and she has since deleted her Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. StopAntisemitism confirmed that she is no longer an employee at Apple.

It is worth noting that some tech workers at Apple have openly expressed their opinions on the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has remained silent on the matter. Reports suggest that Apple’s management took action by shutting down internal Slack channels used by Muslim and Jewish employees after they shared verses from the Quran and organized protests.