Bandits Attempt to Storm Airport Amid Chaos in Haiti

Bandits Attempt to Storm Airport Amid Chaos in Haiti

Unidentified armed groups made a daring attempt to take over the International Airport of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The airport terminal had to be promptly closed down as a precautionary measure due to a state of emergency being declared across the nation. Quick response from both the military and local police forces successfully repelled the audacious attack, ensuring the safety of the airport and its personnel.

The current state of unrest and chaos in Haiti has been ongoing for several days now. On the 2nd of March, the lawlessness escalated when these armed gangs successfully stormed not one, but two prisons. This daring act resulted in the liberation of approximately 4,000 inmates, adding to the already volatile situation in the country. To try and contain the situation, the authorities implemented a strict curfew, warning that any criminal activities will be met with severe punishment.

Media reports suggest a worrisome scenario where these bandits control an estimated 80% of the capital city. These aren’t random acts of violence, but well-coordinated actions perpetrated by various gangs working in unison. The leader of one such gang is Jimmy Cherizier, a former police officer. He claims that the people of Haiti have unified under a common goal – to overthrow the current Prime Minister Ariel Henry and establish a sense of order on the chaotic streets of Haiti.

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