Berlin’s Handball Players Journeying Towards Champions League

Berlin’s Handball Players Journeying Towards Champions League

Mathias Gidsel, a renowned handball player from Denmark, had a slightly disappointing 25th birthday as he missed out on the traditional cinnamon shower. This customary celebratory act is reserved for unmarried men in Denmark on their 25th birthday. Gidsel humorously described his birthday as a bit dull since he spent the entire day waiting for the game on the couch. His teammate, Fabian Wiede, who is currently nursing an injury, was also celebrating his birthday alongside him.

The day, however, ended on a high note thanks to a thrilling victory over SG Flensburg-Handewitt. The Foxes, as the team is popularly known, pulled off a 32:31 win late on Thursday evening, giving them a reason to celebrate.

The victory was particularly significant as it was against their direct league rivals, a team that has several of Gidsel’s Danish friends under contract. Gidsel, who was the top scorer in the most recent European Championship, played a key role in the Foxes’ success in the nail-biting final phase of the game. “Those were two important points for the championship,” he said.

On the other hand, the team’s captain, Paul Drux, had a more cautious take on the victory. He stated, “We have set an example. But we can’t sit back now.” Drux, who celebrated his 29th birthday the day before the game, sees the victory as belated birthday present. However, he was also quick to remind his team of the struggles they’ve faced in the second half of the season in previous years, hinting at the need for continued effort and vigilance.

Despite the challenges of the past, the Foxes are optimistic about avoiding a similar slump this year. The team’s current position, tied for second place in the Bundesliga table with Primus SC Magdeburg, certainly fuels this optimism. They are six points ahead of the following SG, but with 15 HBL games still to come, the team has a tough journey ahead. February alone poses a test of strength for the Foxes, with their next game against HSV Hamburg on Sunday (6 p.m. / Dyn). The group phase of the European League is also set to begin on Tuesday.

Despite the challenging schedule, the Berliners are hoping to continue their celebratory streak. They are particularly hopeful for their next game, as their teammate, Marko Kopljar, is also looking forward to sweetening his birthday with another victory for the team.