Beta Version of YouTube Create Arrives in Spain, Simplifying Video Editing on Smartphones

Beta Version of YouTube Create Arrives in Spain, Simplifying Video Editing on Smartphones

The renowned video-sharing platform, YouTube, has recently launched in Spain its innovative and free application, YouTube Create. This app has been designed to enable users to edit shorts and videos that can range from short clips to long-lasting videos. Users can add multiple elements to their videos such as music, filters, and effects, directly through their smartphones.

YouTube Create was launched by the streaming content platform last year in eight different markets worldwide. The primary aim was to streamline the video production process and allow users to edit directly from their mobile devices. YouTube has indicated that since the app’s launch, they have been continually working on enhancing the user experience based on the feedback provided by the creator community.

The good news for Spanish users is that the company has announced that the YouTube Create application is now available in beta version for Android devices in Spain. The app is intended to assist content creators in simplifying their video editing processes.

As highlighted by YouTube in their statement, the app is designed specifically for individuals who use their smartphones as their primary work tool. Whether users want to share videos on the go in the form of YouTube Shorts or produce a full-length video for their channel, this app can serve both purposes.

Among numerous features offered by YouTube Create, users have the option to clean the audio from their videos by eliminating unwanted background noise. This feature ensures that voices in the videos can be heard “clearly and effortlessly.”

Another interesting feature is the ‘Look for beats’ function. This feature provides a system to make video cuts that align with the rhythm of the music. It automatically identifies the most attractive ‘beats’ of the chosen music and marks them on the video timeline, allowing for better synchronization between the image and audio.

Content creators using YouTube Create also have access to a royalty-free music library. This feature facilitates the search for a melody that provides the desired rhythm in the video. Users can search for music directly from the app and add it to their video, ensuring that their content can be monetized “without fear of rights being claimed later.”

Another tool included in the application is voice-over and automatic subtitles. Users can add audio tracks with voice-over and create subtitles automatically at the touch of a button. The transcript is editable and allows users to choose from various text type options.

YouTube Create also offers a wide array of effects, filters, stickers, and other customization options that can be included in the video editing process. The application’s effects and filters aid users in transitioning from one scene to another smoothly, enhancing overall video quality. It also allows users to adjust the color, brightness, and saturation of the image.

Sarah Ali, the Senior Director of YouTube Product Management for YouTube Shorts and Creation Products, stated that the app has been launched in over a dozen new markets, including Spain. Furthermore, she revealed that during its development, they consulted with more than 3,000 individuals to continue enhancing its functions.

“We are committed to simplifying and making the video editing process more intuitive. We want our community to dedicate more time to what they find most rewarding,” said Ali.

In conclusion, the company has indicated that there are more updates to come. In the meantime, users can access the beta version of YouTube Create through the Play Store.