Carrying Small Coffins: A Heartbreaking Task

Carrying Small Coffins: A Heartbreaking Task

In Great Britain, a significant number of health workers made their voices heard without uttering a single word, opting instead to participate in a silent procession and vigil. This peaceful demonstration took place outside the government’s headquarters in Downing Street. The primary objective of this gathering was to urge the government to facilitate an immediate ceasefire in the conflict-stricken region of Gaza.

The entire procession was meticulously planned and executed by Health Workers for Palestine. The starting point was the iconic Westminster Bridge, precisely situated in front of St Thomas’ Hospital. After a solemn march, the procession culminated with a powerful speech delivered right in front of Downing Street, the epicentre of British politics.

The health workers, who were donned in their uniforms, carried a poignant symbol of their protest – small coffins. Each coffin bore the name of a child who had been brutally murdered in the conflict, serving as a stark reminder of the human cost of war.

Alongside the health workers, numerous protesters were present. They proudly displayed the Palestinian flag and carried banners with clear messages like “Stop Israel’s Genocide in Gaza.” Despite the silence of the march, their cries for a “ceasefire now” and affirmations of “we believe we will win” were loud and clear.

This silent procession in Great Britain was not an isolated event. Simultaneously, similar demonstrations took place in various cities across the globe. These included Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, San Diego, Johannesburg, Paris, Calcutta, Belfast, and Dublin, among others. These global demonstrations underscored the widespread demand for peace and justice in Gaza.