CDC Announces Corona Vaccine’s 50% Effectiveness Rate

CDC Announces Corona Vaccine’s 50% Effectiveness Rate
The situation concerning the corona disease in Israel is rapidly escalating, with the disease graph showing an alarming rise. The number of patients infected with the virus has surged to five times the original count, painting a worrisome picture of the current pandemic situation. However, amidst this growing crisis, there have been reports suggesting promising results regarding the effectiveness of a new vaccine against the virus.

Prof. Cyril Cohen, who is at the helm of the immunotherapy laboratory at Bar-Ilan University, draws attention to an evaluation report on the new corona vaccine’s effectiveness. This report has been issued by the esteemed Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA. According to the report, the vaccine has demonstrated about 50% effectiveness in preventing infections with the virus.

Prof. Cohen remarks, “This is a preliminary report, and the findings, albeit preliminary, are quite reasonable. They are even a bit surprising, given that the vaccine is formulated based on a strain different from the ones currently dominating.” He refers to the strain as “xbb 1.5.”

Prof. Cohen views these results as encouraging, particularly for the population at risk. He likens this new vaccine to the flu vaccine, stating, “Even though this vaccine doesn’t completely prevent the disease, it significantly reduces the probability of contracting it. Consequently, with fewer people falling sick, the incidence of complications also decreases substantially.”

He further notes that the dominant strain currently is the JN1. He cautiously adds, “In the recent few days, there appears to be a slight deceleration in the infection rate. However, the numbers remain high. It’s challenging to determine an exact number due to the reduced frequency of testing these days.”