Chelsea FC Coach Change Demanded by Player’s Wife

Chelsea FC Coach Change Demanded by Player’s Wife

“She is the most critical and probably sharpest player in the Premier League…”

This is a description of Isabelle, the wife of Thiago Silva who is a 39-year-old player for Chelsea FC. She has recently made headlines by publicly calling for the dismissal of coach Mauricio Pochettino through an online platform.

The catalyst for this bold statement was the recent defeat Chelsea suffered at home. The team lost 4-2 to Wolverhampton Wanderers, pushing them down to the eleventh place in the Premier League.

This marks the third consecutive game where Chelsea FC has failed to secure a win. This pattern of failure is not only disappointing the fans, but also causing an uproar within the team. Consequently, criticism directed towards coach Pochettino is intensifying.

Isabelle, who is affectionately referred to as Belle, is not one to shy away from expressing her opinions. In the past, she has publicly criticized former coach Graham Potter (2022 – 2023) and Timo Werner, a German international who played for Chelsea from 2020 – 2022. After the recent defeat, Belle took to social media to voice her concerns.

On X, which was formerly known as Twitter, she made a post stating: “It’s time to make a change. If you wait any longer it will be too late.”

Premier League: Player’s wife calls for coach change at Chelsea FC

This statement is a clear reference to the need for a coaching change at Chelsea FC and hints towards a possible dismissal.

With her post, Isabelle seems to have resonated with many Chelsea FC fans. The general consensus among the fans appears to be in agreement with her sentiments. They praised her for her honesty and even made comments such as “Thank you for always speaking your mind”, “I prefer you as Chelsea manager!!!”, and “Kick Pochettino out immediately”.

One fan even responded by stating: “I can assume that Thiago Silva sees it that way too.”

Despite the criticism, Silva, who is 39 years old, has remained a regular starter this season. He has played in 21 out of 23 games and scored a header in the defeat to Wolves. However, his recent performances have also been subjected to criticism.

Belle’s criticism of the team is not a new phenomenon. In April 2021, she used social media to mock DFB star Timo Werner (27), asking in an Instagram video, “This Werner – what’s his name exactly?” and then answering herself with “Verme,” which translates to “worm” in Portuguese.

She also taunted the club and then coach Graham Potter in April 2023. After the club again fell to the 11th place, Silva vented her frustrations on Twitter, stating: “I won’t say anything more. I look at the table and we are in the eleventh place, very sad. Let’s get ready for Tuesday.”