Christie engages in heated debate with Newsmax host over Trump’s potential for 2024 race

Christie engages in heated debate with Newsmax host over Trump’s potential for 2024 race

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie and Newsmax host Eric Bolling engaged in a heated debate on Thursday regarding former President Trump and the upcoming 2024 presidential race. Christie, who has been one of Trump’s most vocal critics within the GOP, was questioned by Bolling about his strategy and whether his low polling numbers would make him reconsider his attacks on Trump.

However, Christie remained firm in his stance, stating, “No, it’s not time to change the strategy. The guy who’s 20 points ahead is the guy you have to beat to be the nominee, Eric.” He criticized the strategies of other candidates such as Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, arguing that they were ineffective because they failed to make a case against Trump, the main contender for the Republican nomination.

The former governor then launched into an attack on Trump’s legal troubles, highlighting the numerous charges he is facing in multiple states. Christie argued that Trump would not be able to defeat President Biden if he is busy dealing with court cases in Washington, D.C. Christie also pointed out the cooperation of Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, suggesting that this support contradicted previous claims of heroism.

As the debate intensified, Christie urged Bolling not to interrupt him when he discussed uncomfortable topics. He emphasized that he was more concerned with character than numbers and believed that the Republican Party and the United States deserved a better nominee than someone who could potentially be convicted of felonies in April.

Bolling challenged Christie’s assertion that Trump would be convicted, suggesting that it would be the result of biased liberal Democrats who fear him. However, Christie stood his ground, stating that Trump would be convicted based on testimony from Mark Meadows.

Christie has consistently expressed his belief that Trump will be convicted and has criticized other GOP candidates for their continued support of the former president. Trump currently faces indictment in four separate criminal cases, totaling 91 felony counts.

Christie concluded the debate by confidently stating, “When Mark Meadows gets on that stand, everything I’ve been saying about Donald Trump that you’ve been making fun of me about for months, is gonna wind up being true. The truth is coming, baby.”

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