Colombian Migrants Indicted for Swindling Woman of Over $20K in Suburban Supermarket Scam

Colombian Migrants Indicted for Swindling Woman of Over K in Suburban Supermarket Scam

Three individuals from Colombia are facing charges for allegedly stealing over $20,000 from a woman in suburban Addison, Illinois. The accused individuals are Miguel Pena-Gomez, 43, Liliana Nagles-Cuesta, 49, and Angela Posada-Acosta, 45. The incident took place on November 7 outside Caputo’s Fresh Market on West Lake Street.

According to prosecutors, Pena-Gomez approached the victim, seeking her help, claiming to have a winning lottery ticket worth $6 million. He explained that he needed money to collect his winnings. While Pena-Gomez was conversing with the victim, Nagles-Cuesta approached them and offered assistance, stating that she spoke Spanish.

Nagles-Cuesta then pretended to contact lottery authorities to determine the amount of money required to claim the winnings. She informed the victim that $30,000 was needed. The victim stated that she did not possess that amount. Nagles-Cuesta then offered to withdraw money from her own account to help. She left, stating she was going to the bank.

Pena-Gomez and the victim drove to her bank, where she withdrew $20,143. They returned to Caputo’s Fresh Market. Prosecutors allege that Nagles-Cuesta left the victim and Pena-Gomez again, claiming she needed to withdraw more money from her bank.

Shortly after, Pena-Gomez informed the victim that he was feeling unwell and asked her to enter the store to purchase medicine for him. During her absence, she left the money in the glove compartment of her car. Upon her return, Pena-Gomez took the money and fled the scene. Nagles-Cuesta never returned.

Posada-Acosta reportedly acted as a lookout during the entire encounter. The three suspects were apprehended in Crystal Lake on November 16. They each face one count of theft by deception of over $5,000 from an individual over 60 years old.

The next court appearance for the accused is scheduled for December 11.