Coritiba Resumes Partnership with Sports Equipment Company

Coritiba Resumes Partnership with Sports Equipment Company

Coritiba, a football club, is welcoming back Diadora, an Italian company, as its sporting equipment supplier. Diadora had previously collaborated with Alviverde, the club’s nickname, back in 2006 and 2007. This time, Diadora will be replacing 1909, which is the club’s own brand. The announcement of this partnership was made public on Monday (4).

The partnership between Coritiba and Diadora is sealed with a contract that spans over five years, which is the longest contract in the history of Coxa, another nickname for the club. The collection made in collaboration with Diadora is set to debut in June.

Carlos Amodeo, the CEO of Coritiba, expressed his excitement over this new contract with Diadora. He believes that this partnership will elevate Coritiba’s status further. Diadora not only offers high-performance products but also shares the club’s passion for sports and commitment to excellence. He also mentioned that Diadora has a close relationship with Alviverde fans and brings back fond memories.

Diadora had previously partnered with the Alto da Glória club back in 2006 and 2007, and was present during the Brazilian Series B Championship title in 2007. Diadora is now replacing 1909, Alviverde’s own brand, which had been in existence since 2019.

Arnaldo Garcia, the marketing and business director at Coritiba, added that this agreement with Diadora is extremely important for Coritiba. The club will have an active role in the creation process, development of new collections and will have the freedom to suggest other special projects.

Diadora, a brand that’s present in 60 countries, aims to reclaim its leading role in Brazilian football through this partnership. The Italian brand is recognized for its past sponsorships of football icon Zico, along with major clubs like Palmeiras, Atlético-MG, and Vasco da Gama.

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