Court Upholds Ban on Império Members in Couto

Court Upholds Ban on Império Members in Couto

The Court of Justice of Paraná (TJ-PR), through a decision made by judge Maria Aparecida Blanco de Lima, has for the second time, rejected a request for a suspensive effect on the prohibition that prevents almost two thousand fans from entering Couto Pereira to watch the games as spectators. The decision was announced on Friday (9).

As a result of this new ruling, 1,775 fans are still barred from entering the stadium, Couto Pereira. These fans are thus prevented from watching Coxa’s games live. Among those affected by the ban include children, the elderly, and even individuals who were not present in Vila Capanema during the day of the incident that prompted this prohibition.

The legal team representing Império Alviverde had submitted a request for a new analysis from the TJ-PR on the previous day, Thursday (8).

In their new appeal, the organization argued that of the fans affected by the ban, only 350 are active members of the club. They requested that the punishment be limited only to fans who were already identified as participants in the Vila Capanema fight, which occurred during the game against Cruzeiro, in November 2023.

At the start of the week, the judge had already denied Império’s request to lift the ban on the barred fans. As a result, since last Friday (2), the fans have been unable to access the stadium for the games.

The next home game for Alviverde is scheduled for Wednesday (14), against Maringá, at 8pm. Furthermore, on Sunday (18), the Atletiba classic will take place, which will also be held at Couto Pereira.

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