Cricket World Cup 2023 Final: India vs Australia – What Happens in Case of a Tie?

Cricket World Cup 2023 Final: India vs Australia – What Happens in Case of a Tie?

Australia and India are set to face off in the final of the Cricket World Cup 2023, with both teams aiming to lift the prestigious trophy. Australia, having previously won the title five times, will be eager to avoid repeating the mistakes they made against India in the league stage of the tournament. On the other hand, India will be looking to maintain their unbeaten streak and carry their momentum into this crucial match.

Interestingly, both Australia and India were in the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2019, but neither team made it to the final. Instead, England and New Zealand battled it out in a thrilling final, which was eventually won by England based on boundary count. However, this controversial method of determining the winner has since been discarded.

In the event of a tie in the India vs Australia World Cup 2023 final, the boundary count rule will not come into play. Instead, a Super Over will be conducted to determine the winner. If the Super Over also ends in a tie, additional Super Overs will be held until a clear winner emerges. It is worth noting that the 2019 World Cup saw a tied Super Over, which led to the winner being decided by boundary count.

To account for unforeseen circumstances and match extensions, an extra 120 minutes have been allocated for the final. Additionally, a reserve day has been scheduled in case the weather interrupts a 20-over-per-side contest on Sunday. However, based on the forecast for the final, it seems unlikely that the reserve day will be needed.

As the anticipation builds, cricket fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this highly anticipated clash between Australia and India in the Cricket World Cup 2023 final.