Culture Launches Over 400 Reading Animation Activities in Institutes

Culture Launches Over 400 Reading Animation Activities in Institutes

The Culture Ministry, via the General Directorate of Books, Comics, and Reading, is excited to announce the commencement of a new cycle of literary activity programs. These programs, targeted at public Secondary Education Institutes and ‘Story Drawers’ in public Art Schools, are set to invigorate the literary scene.

As part of the larger Reading Promotion Plan 2021-2024, these programs aim to engage, inspire, and educate a wide audience by hosting a total of 302 creators in 404 activities. These activities are scheduled to run until June 14 and will span the vast expanse of Spanish territory.

Boasting over two decades of experience, the program of literary activities in Secondary Education Institutes has a proven track record. It offers students a unique window into the workings of a diverse range of professionals, including narrators, poets, playwrights, illustrators, and translators.

This year, the project has managed to gather an impressive roster of 263 authors, including notable figures such as Care Santos, Mario Obrero, Espido Freire, and David Lozano. A total of 370 activities are planned across Spain, with 24 of these dedicated to the ‘Why read the classics’ series.

These activities are distributed as follows: 88 in Andalusia; 11 in Aragon; 7 in the Principality of Asturias; 1 in the Balearic Islands; 9 in Cantabria; 7 in the Canary Islands; 61 in Castilla y León; 20 in Castilla-La Mancha; 4 in Catalonia; 20 in Extremadura; 27 in Galicia; 3 in La Rioja; 52 in the Community of Madrid; 18 in the Region of Murcia; 3 in Navarra; 2 in the Basque Country, 33 in the Valencian Community and 1 in Ceuta. International meetings are also planned for Casablanca (Morocco), Rome, and Andorra.

Furthermore, the program ‘Story illustrators. Literary meetings in Art Schools’, which aims to support creators primarily focusing on illustration and comics, is slated to host 34 meetings. These meetings, spread across the Spanish territory, will feature 33 authors. Among the participating authors are Paco Roca, Ana Peynas, Manel Skull, and Ana Fish.

These meetings are organised in public schools offering professional education in plastic arts and design. The main objective of these gatherings is to foster the development of high-quality artistic training. This, in turn, ensures the professional readiness of future professionals in the fields of plastic arts and design.

For the autonomous communities, the distribution of meetings is as follows: eight in Andalusia; two in Aragon; one in the Principality of Asturias; one in the Balearic Islands; four in Castilla y León; three in Castilla-La Mancha; four in Catalonia; three in Galicia; one in the Region of Murcia; two in Navarra; three in the Community of Madrid; one in Ceuta; and one in Melilla.