Details Emerge about the Tragic Death of 6-Year-Old Hind Rajab in Gaza

Details Emerge about the Tragic Death of 6-Year-Old Hind Rajab in Gaza
“There were thousands of other children who died because of this conflict. The spokesperson for American diplomacy pointed out this fact when mentioning the death of little Hind Rajab. This type of tragedy has been repeating since October 7. Information from the Gaza Strip is limited, but the fate of the 6-year-old Palestinian girl has been widely reported. Here is what we know about Hind’s death and the investigation requested by Washington.

The call for help

In late January, Hind Rajab, found herself caught between gunshots and the bodies of her loved ones. Terrified, she called for help from the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS). According to her family, she had managed to contact them when she was the only survivor in her uncle’s car trying to escape the fighting.

Hind and her family’s vehicle had been stopped by IDF tanks. Then, Israeli soldiers opened fire. She survived for hours, injured and scared. The PRCS confirmed they had been in contact with Hind. The little girl desperately implored the PRCS teams to save her, trapped among the bodies of her loved ones killed by the Israelis.

How is this real life? How did a little girl survive a shooting that killed everyone else in the car? How did she stay on the phone with PRCS teams for hours as we coordinated safe access for an ambulance to rescue her? How can this story end this way? Hind, our paramedics,…

— PRCS (@PalestineRCS) February 12, 2024

A switchboard operator claimed to have spoken to Hind before hearing gunfire. The PRCS sent two rescuers to help her. They never returned.

The discovery of the bodies

Hind Rajab’s lifeless body was found near a gas station in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza, twelve days after her call. The bodies of the two rescuers, Youssef Zeino and Ahmed Al-Madhoun, were also discovered. They were lying in their ambulance, a few meters from the scene, according to the PCRS. The latter accused the “occupying forces” of having “deliberately targeted them”.

Towards an investigation?

The case of Hind Rajab personified the suffering and horrors of the war suffered by the Palestinian population. The international community was shaken, and Washington demanded an investigation from Israel. “We have asked Israeli authorities to urgently investigate this incident,” said Matthew Miller, spokesperson for American diplomacy. “His tragic case is one of many happening before our eyes in Gaza,” said Tor Wennesland, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

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