Do you know winter birds? Visa determines if you’re a Bongar noble

Do you know winter birds? Visa determines if you’re a Bongar noble

In the heart of wintertime, a handful of rare and extraordinary birds still manage to relish their time in Finland. HS, in its own unique holiday tradition, publishes a fresh visa each day throughout the Christmas season.

In the midst of the season known as the winter of the heart, life continues to unfold in the world of birds. This is despite the fact that the nights stretch out long and the days are reduced to brief, fleeting moments.

For a significant number of birds, finding sustenance becomes a primary occupation. The seeds of plants that remain above the snowdrifts and the insects taking refuge in the hollows of trees for the winter are efficiently harnessed as food sources.

Bird boards see a flurry of activity during the abbreviated daylight hours of winter. The feeding sites become a gathering place for a diverse array of species, especially as the frost intensifies.

Harsh frosty conditions pose a threat to the survival of weaker birds. Birds of prey endeavor to make the most of the circumstances, and the abundance of prey within human settlements draws them closer to people.

Birds employ a variety of strategies to shield themselves against the biting cold.

Birds such as hens dive into the shelters provided by snowdrifts for the night while many small bird species seek refuge in holes in trees and birdhouses.

Being part of a flock also provides protection against predators. Moreover, a large flock has the advantage of numerous pairs of eyes to keep a watch on potential food sources.

Take the HS winter bird quiz to find out if you are a connoisseur of birdwatching – or if you need to dust off a bird book and immerse yourself in the winter wilderness.