Dua Lipa Prepares for Her New Album Release with Training Season

Dua Lipa Prepares for Her New Album Release with Training Season

The British pop star debuted her new single, seeking romantic stability, at the Grammy Awards.

During the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, Dua Lipa introduced her new single, Training Season. In Los Angeles, on stage, she also performed Houdini and Dance The Night. The latter song, featured in Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie, earned her two nominations, including one for song of the year, which was ultimately won by Billie Eilish for What Was I Made For.

This year, the British singer did not win a Grammy, four years after receiving the award for breakthrough artist. When she first walked the Grammy Awards stage, Dua Lipa was 24 years old, with a bob haircut and a serious demeanor. This Sunday, clad in a black leather bodysuit, she revealed a sexier side while debuting her single Training Season, the second track from her upcoming album.


Since October, Dua Lipa has been teasing her fans about the release of her new project. She posts and deletes messages on social media, leaving her fans in suspense with a simple “miss me?”. Concurrently, she had all her album covers changed on the platforms. In November, Houdini was finally released. It was followed by a snippet from Training Season. Dua Lipa, more rebellious and raw, tells the American magazine Attitude that she wants to capture the essence of youth and freedom, have fun, and let things happen, good or bad.

Training Season is about love, a common theme for the singer. It’s not about the disappointment of a break-up or the thrill of meeting someone new. This time, it’s about love as an experience, with its ups and downs, missed opportunities and experiences. “After a while, you stop looking for ‘interns’ and start seeking someone to grow with,” she explains. “It’s the end of my training season and I’ve never felt more confident.” On the Grammy Awards stage, standing on a metal cage and accompanied by a group of dancers, she projected this image.