Eclipse to be Photographed by Experts and Fans in Mexico, the US and Canada

Eclipse to be Photographed by Experts and Fans in Mexico, the US and Canada

In the picturesque coastal city of Mazatlán, located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, an enthusiastic group of 85 astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts from Mexico, the United States, and Canada will come together to capture and live-stream the significant celestial event of a total solar eclipse on April 8. This exciting announcement was made by David Esquivel, who presides over the Mazatleca Astronomical Society.

Esquivel also shared that the NASA team, renowned for their expertise in space exploration, will be broadcasting the astronomical event live. Besides this, they will be distributing educational materials to further scientific knowledge about the solar eclipse, and also special glasses designed for safe observation of the solar eclipse by children.

The president of the Mazatleca Astronomical Society highlighted the rarity and significance of this total solar eclipse. It is only the second time such a phenomenon can be observed in the strip of Mazatlán, the first one having occurred way back on July 11, 1991. It is predicted that a total solar eclipse will again be visible in the port after a long span of 300 years. However, Esquivel also clarified that the nearest upcoming solar eclipse will be in 2053, visible along the strip of Tepic, Nayarit.

Esquivel took this opportunity to stress the importance of safety while observing this celestial phenomenon. He insisted that one should never look directly at the Sun without using specialized eye protection, except during the brief total phase when the Moon completely obscures the bright side of the Sun.

He further stated that their team is currently intensely working towards promoting citizen science. They are conducting an extensive campaign in schools to emphasize the importance of safety while observing the eclipse. He stressed that everyone should use protective glasses while observing the eclipse.

Esquivel revealed that they are working in partnership with the Mintaka observatory project. Together, they held an informative session on the safe ways to observe the solar eclipse at the Rosario city council meeting. The meeting was attended by various officials, representatives of the educational sector, businessmen, and the director of Tourism, who will be responsible for broadcasting the event.

Esquivel expressed that there is a great deal of interest in this forthcoming celestial event. Consequently, the tourism area is planning numerous activities related to the solar eclipse. These activities aim to include a diverse group of participants, including students, teachers, photographers, historians, and parents.

Esquivel further explained that the municipality of Rosario is located within the privileged strip where the eclipse will be visible. A workshop is planned to allow interested individuals to craft their own equipment for sky observation. The goal is to expand the knowledge of citizens about this rare and fascinating astronomical event.