Egg Targeted New Telangana Chief Minister in Unprecedented Incident

Egg Targeted New Telangana Chief Minister in Unprecedented Incident

Revanth Reddy, 56, has been announced as the new Chief Minister of Telangana by the Congress party. This decision comes after nearly 48 hours of speculation following the party’s victory in the recent election. Mr. Reddy was reportedly backed by over 40 of the party’s 64 newly-elected MLAs. The swearing-in ceremony has been scheduled for Thursday, as confirmed by senior leader KC Venugopal.

Revanth Reddy has had an impressive political journey, having been associated with various parties including the BJP’s student wing, the BRS, and the Telugu Desam Party. Now, he faces the challenging task of governing the state and expanding the party’s influence ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha election next year. Additionally, there is the Assembly election in neighboring Andhra Pradesh, which is also due in 2023.

Mr. Reddy’s rise to prominence began in 2021 when he was appointed as the head of the Congress’ Telangana unit. He frequently shared the stage with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi during campaign events, showcasing their camaraderie. His dynamic leadership style and active participation in protests against the ruling BRS earned him accolades and support from the public.

However, Revanth Reddy’s aggressive style of functioning has caused some friction within the Congress, particularly among long-standing party members. Nevertheless, his assertiveness has proven beneficial for the party in this election.

Revanth Reddy’s political career started with the student wings of both the BRS and BJP. He won his first political office in 2006 in a Zilla Parishad election. In 2007, he became a MLA in undivided Andhra Pradesh as an independent candidate. He later joined Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and served as a MLA in 2009. However, in 2015, he faced controversy when he was allegedly caught on camera attempting to bribe a MLA. He was sent to jail but later obtained bail.

After a period of political inactivity, Mr. Reddy joined the Congress in 2017 and was elected to the Lok Sabha from Telangana’s Malkajgiri constituency in 2019. In 2021, he was appointed as the state boss of the Congress.

Revanth Reddy hails from a farming family in Mahbubnagar district and has a degree in Fine Arts. He is married to Geetha, who is the niece of a Congress leader. The couple has a daughter named Nymisha, who has a son.

Overall, Revanth Reddy’s appointment as the new Chief Minister of Telangana marks a significant milestone in his political career, and he now faces the challenge of leading the state and strengthening the Congress party’s position in the region.