Elizabeth Strout, Nathan Hill and Andrei Kurkov Reach Finland

Elizabeth Strout, Nathan Hill and Andrei Kurkov Reach Finland

The festival, known as Helsinki Lit, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The festival will be graced by a number of renowned international guest writers.

Literary event The Helsinki Lit festival has announced the program for this year’s event. As the festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary, it has planned to make it grand by featuring a number of famous international guest writers from around the globe.

The participants list includes esteemed personalities such as Elizabeth Strout and Nathan Hill from the United States, Thelle Johnson, Johanna Frid and Nicolas Lunabba from Sweden, Ukrainian author Andrei Kurkov, Norwegian author Maja Lunde and Adania Shibli from Palestine among others.

Helsinki Lit holds the title for being Finland’s largest translated literature festival. The festival is known for its unique format where international guests are interviewed by domestic authors, journalists, and cultural influencers. This helps in creating a global literary dialogue.

The interviewers for this year’s festival include, for example, a recent Finlandia winner Sirpa Kähkönen and renowned writer Kjell Westö, who are both highly respected figures in Finland’s literary scene.

Several well-known publishing houses are expected to participate in the event, contributing to the richness of the festival. The event will be held at the Savoy Theater, a well-known cultural venue in Helsinki, on the 24th and 25th of May.