Errors and Blackouts Occurring Sporadically

Errors and Blackouts Occurring Sporadically

An uncommon event occurred in the Bundesliga match at Darmstadt Böllenfalltor on Saturday where spectators started leaving the stadium even before half-time. The dismal performance of the team could not be ignored.

The scene was set when FC Augsburg led 5-0 within the first 29 minutes of the game, thanks to a series of unfortunate mistakes by Darmstadt. Philip Tietz of Augsburg scored the first goal due to a poorly executed pass by Jannik Müller. The third goal was scored by Ermedin Demirovic who capitalized on a short back pass from Klaus Gjasula. Both Gjasula and Müller were substituted after 27 minutes. Further goals were scored by Fredrik Jensen, Ruben Vargas, and Demirovic, demonstrating Darmstadt’s lack of defensive attempts and a series of bad ball losses.

Augsburg’s first shot on goal was shortly before half-time

Darmstadt’s goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen described the first half as a “total disaster”. The spectators were of the same opinion and started leaving the stadium after the fourth goal. Their disappointment was evident when they expressed their anger and disbelief in various forms from booing to sarcastic applause.

Finn Dahmen, Augsburg’s goalkeeper, expressed his disbelief at the events of the day. Despite the victory, he acknowledged that Darmstadt had acted a bit unluckily. Lilien President Rüdiger Fritsch was more critical, stating that the match was so catastrophic that a normal game analysis was not possible.

Darmstadt’s usual resilience was clearly missing in this match and Augsburg took full advantage of it. Augsburg’s consistent attacks in the first half were likened to a fox getting into a chicken coop.

Darmstadt’s next opponents: Leipzig and Bayern

Augsburg’s victory resulted in a favourable goal difference and moved them to the tenth position in the league. They could have widened the goal difference, but chose to slow down the pace in the second half. Despite the silence in the stadium, Philip Tietz managed to score his second goal, making the score 6-0.

Before this match, a survey published by the specialist magazine Kicker showed that only 2.1 percent of readers believed that Darmstadt would stay in the league. The dismal performance against Augsburg and upcoming matches against Leipzig and Bayern are likely to lower this percentage further.

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