Europe’s Lengthiest Winning Streaks Unveiled

Europe’s Lengthiest Winning Streaks Unveiled

The New Saints, despite a surprising draw, concluded their winning streak at 23 consecutive league games. Let’s explore some of the European teams that have had longer winning streaks:

Benfica (Portugal) – 29 Games (1971-73)

Benfica’s winning streak remains a European record. It started at the end of a championship season and continued into the next, resulting in another championship without a single loss. This was a first for any team in Portugal. Their English coach, Jimmy Hagan, played a pivotal role in this success, instilling a love for discipline and physical fitness within the team.

Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) – 28 Games (2006-07)

Key players like Eduardo, Luka Modrić, and Vedran Ćorluka played crucial roles in Dinamo’s winning streak in Croatia. It began with a 5:1 win against NK Istra and ended with a 3:4 loss against NK Varteks. The team had aspired to match Benfica’s record, falling just short.

Ferencváros (Hungary) – 28 Games (1931-33)

Ferencváros’s winning streak started with two victories at the end of one season and continued through the entire next season with 22 league wins. They started the following season with two more wins, holding the record until Benfica surpassed it.

Celtic (Scotland) – 25 Games (2003-04)

Recording 25 consecutive league wins, Celtic made a mark in British football history. They scored 86 goals during this period and won both the championship and the cup under manager Martin O’Neill.

Dinamo Tirana (Albania) – 25 Games (1951-52)

Dinamo was the dominant team in Albania during this time, winning four consecutive championships. Their winning streak started and ended against Puna.

Crvena zvezda (Serbia) – 24 Games (2015-16)

Under Miodrag Božović, the team managed to win 24 consecutive matches, including both games against their Belgrade rival, Partizan.

Malmö (Sweden) – 23 Games (1949-50)

Following a championship win, Malmö began the next season with a fiery streak, which only ended in a 3:3 draw against AIK.

PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) – 22 Games (1987-88)

PSV continued their winning streak from the previous season and managed to win the domestic double and clinch the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, despite the departure of superstar Ruud Gullit.

Käpäz (Azerbaijan) – 22 Games (1997-98)

Under the coaching of Mehman Allahverdiyev, Käpäz managed to finish the league undefeated. They went ten months without losing a point to their opponents.

The New Saints (Wales) – 22 Games (2016)

The Saints started the new season with 21 victories, scoring 74 goals. Their streak ended with a surprising 3:3 draw against Newtown.

Other notable streaks include Bayern Munich (Germany) with 19 games in 2013/14, Ajax (Netherlands) with 19 games in 1971/72, and Real Madrid (Spain) with 16 games in 2016-17.

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