Exorbitant Price Tag: McLaren F1 Windshield Replacement Reportedly Soars to $33,000

Exorbitant Price Tag: McLaren F1 Windshield Replacement Reportedly Soars to $33,000

A McLaren F1 Windshield Replacement Costs $33,000

The McLaren F1 is not only considered one of the greatest cars ever made, but it is also one of the most specialized. With only a little over a hundred of these landmark supercars produced, each one was meticulously built to the exact specifications of Gordon Murray, without the luxury of a parts catalog from a larger performance car company. As a result, even simple repairs that are typically straightforward for other cars can turn out to be surprisingly expensive for the McLaren F1. For example, if you find yourself needing to replace the windshield on your $20 million F1, you may have to shell out a whopping $33,000.

According to a report by Motor1, the cost of the glass itself is $25,000, and the installation adds an additional $6,000 to the total bill. However, there is some good news for F1 owners. McLaren reportedly still has original glass replacements in storage and plans to commission new windshields for the existing F1s before the supply of spare glass runs out. So, while keeping this legendary car on the road can be expensive, owners can take solace in the fact that there are options available as long as there is at least one McLaren F1 technician in the U.S. and a company in England willing to support this iconic creation.

Unfortunately, two F1 owners will soon have to utilize these options. A video posted on Instagram from the recent Velocity Invitational event at Sonoma Raceway shows two F1 road cars with cracked windshields. With only a small number of F1s remaining in the world, this means that the team responsible for windshield replacements on these 1990s legends is about to face an unusually busy period.

In conclusion, the cost of replacing a McLaren F1 windshield is a staggering $33,000, with the glass itself accounting for $25,000 and installation adding an extra $6,000 to the bill. However, McLaren is still able to provide replacement windshields for the existing F1s, ensuring that owners can keep their prized possessions on the road. Nonetheless, with two F1s recently experiencing windshield damage, the demand for replacements is expected to increase significantly.