France Imposes Sanctions on 28 Settlers

France Imposes Sanctions on 28 Settlers
The recent decision of the Biden administration to take action against extremist settlers has created a ripple effect that is rapidly gaining momentum. After the groundbreaking move by the United States and the United Kingdom to impose sanctions on four inhabitants of Yosh, France has followed suit. Today (Tuesday), France announced its own set of sanctions against 28 settlers, labeled as “violent”. France’s sanction list, multiplying the number of settlers targeted by the US and the UK by seven, bans these individuals from entering French territories.

The French Foreign Ministry released a particularly severe statement explaining the decision. The statement attributed the move to the escalated violence in the West Bank against Palestinians in recent months. The statement further hinted at criticism towards the handling of the issue by the Israeli government. “We reaffirm our strong condemnation of the violence, which is unacceptable,” the statement read.

At this point in the message, France added a sharp and direct criticism of the Israeli government: “As we have stated on many occasions, it is the responsibility of the Israeli authorities to put an end to this, and to bring them (the settlers on whom sanctions were imposed) to justice.” France also called for the adoption of its announced sanctions at the European level and stated that it is “working with the European partners in this regard”.

The settlers on the US and UK lists

Yesterday, we reported that the United Kingdom announced that it was imposing sanctions on four Israeli settlers. The UK reiterated the commitment to “hold accountable those who undermine the prospects for peace”. The sanctions imposed include freezing of assets in the UK, travel restrictions, and visa bans.

The settlers targeted by Britain’s sanctions include: Moshe Sharvit, who is alleged to have attacked Palestinian shepherds and their families in the Jordan Valley; Yanon Levy, the leader of the “Havat Mithir” outpost, whose residents, according to the British Foreign Ministry, have used physical violence against Palestinians; Zvi Bar Yosef, the owner of “Zvi’s Farm”, who the British claim has used threats and violence against Palestinian residents; and Eli Federman, who is accused of being involved in a multitude of incidents against Palestinian shepherds in the southern region of Mount Hebron.

Just under two weeks ago, the United States was the first to announce sanctions. The Biden administration announced sanctions against settlers Einan Tangil, David Chai Hasdai, Shalom Zicherman, and Vinon Levy. US President Joe Biden signed the order, alleging that the four “are working against stability and security.” Interestingly, Yanon Levy is the only individual who appears on both the US and UK lists.