Fratelli d’Italia Dips Below the 28% Threshold

Fratelli d’Italia Dips Below the 28% Threshold

This week’s Supermedia has compiled a range of data, primarily from polls taken prior to the regional vote in Sardinia. The impact of this vote on public opinion is still yet to be measured and will be assessed in the coming weeks. Despite this, the data reveals some significant trends that have been developing in recent weeks.

Firstly, the Brothers of Italy (FdI) have seen a decrease in their support, falling below the 28% mark. This is in contrast to Forza Italia (FI), which has seen a slight increase in support by half a point, bringing them closer to the League’s support levels.

The centre-left dynamics are somewhat symmetrical. The Democratic Party (PD) remains at 19%, albeit with a slight decrease of 0.3. Conversely, the Five Star Movement (M5S) has seen a small increase of 0.2.

Here is the complete data compiled by Supermedia:

Supermedia list

The Brothers of Italy (FdI) stands at 27.9, showing a decrease of 0.2

The Democratic Party (PD) is at 19.4, having decreased by 0.3

The Five Star Movement (M5S) has increased to 16.4, up by 0.2

The League (Lega) remains steady at 8.3

Forza Italia has seen an increase to 7.7, up by 0.2

The Greens/Left are at 4.0, having increased by 0.1

The Share party is at 3.9, down by 0.2

Italia Viva has increased to 3.2, up by 0.2

+Europa is at 2.6, having increased by 0.1

Italexit stands at 1.7, up by 0.1

The Popular Union is at 1.4, having increased by 0.1

We Moderates remains steady at 1.3

Supermedia coalitions 2022

The Centre-right coalition is at 45.3, up by 1.3

The Centre-left coalition remains steady at 26.0

The Five Star Movement (M5S) stands at 16.4, having increased by 0.2

The Third Pole remains steady at 7.1

Italexit is at 1.7, up by 0.1

Other parties are at 3.5, having decreased by 1.6

Please note, the changes in brackets signify the deviation from the Superaverage as of two weeks ago (15 February 2024).

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