‘From ‘Last Afternoons with Teresa’ to ‘If They Tell You That I Fell’ – A Journey Through Literature

‘From ‘Last Afternoons with Teresa’ to ‘If They Tell You That I Fell’ – A Journey Through Literature

Lumen, a well-recognized publishing house, has successfully recovered and reissued some of the most celebrated works of the notable Spanish author, Juan Marsé. Marsé, a leading figure from the generation of ’50s, was honored with the prestigious Cervantes Prize in 2008. His remarkable works include titles such as ‘Last afternoons with Teresa’ and ‘If they tell you that I fell’.

From February 1, Lumen has reintroduced to bookstores not only the two aforementioned novels but also ‘Lizard Tails’, ‘The Haunting of Shanghai’ and ‘Particular Collection’. These works serve as a testament to Marsé’s literary prowess and contribution to Spanish literature.

Throughout his career, Marsé earned the admiration of fellow writers including Rosa Montero, Enrique Vila-Matas, Eduardo Mendoza, Almudena Grandes, and Carlos Zanón, among others. He has been recognized as one of the most prominent contemporary Spanish novelists of his time.

Eduardo Mendoza, a fellow writer, described Juan Marsé as an “undisputed master of narrative” and “the great novelist“. His storytelling was distinct and his novels were characterized by their vivid portrayal of neighborhood life in his native Barcelona. Marsé’s works have been awarded the Cervantes Prize, the Biblioteca Breve, the National Prize for Criticism (twice), and the Prize for Literature. His unique ability to capture and depict the nuances of everyday life set him apart from other contemporary authors.

As a crucial figure of the ’50s generation, Marsé created unforgettable characters and was particularly skilled in recounting the post-war era and giving a voice to the losers of the civil war. His works often explored themes of memory and lost childhood – elements that added depth and complexity to his narratives. Noteworthy too is his strong social awareness and masterful use of irony that enhanced the appeal of his stories.

In 2020, Lumen republished ‘Journey to the south’, and in 2021, they released the book that Marsé was working on before his death on July 18, 2020: ‘Notes for a memoir that I will never write’. The publishing house has now decided to commemorate Marsé’s legacy by releasing new editions of his most emblematic works. This initiative aims to pay tribute to one of the most important contemporary Spanish authors and ensure his works continue to reach and inspire readers.