From Word Conversion to File Encryption: A Guide

From Word Conversion to File Encryption: A Guide

In the modern technological era, there’s an abundance of solutions and software available, designed to simplify tasks and drastically cut down on the amount of time spent on work, for both businesses and self-employed individuals. One of the tasks that often prove to be a challenge is the management of PDF files. Consequently, it is essential to have tools on hand that can assist in the editing or alteration of such documents.

A perfect example of such a tool is the PDF Smart program. This software provides a plethora of services related to the editing and modification of PDF files, catering to both businesses and professionals. It offers a diverse range of pricing plans, designed to accommodate every requirement, from the most fundamental alterations to the most intricate procedures.


A frequent requirement is the conversion of PDF files into other formats, enabling users to work on the content with greater ease. The conversion of a file to ‘Doc’ or ‘Docx’ format makes it editable, allowing for quick and easy manipulation. The program carries out this process securely, ensuring that once the file is converted, it is removed from the servers, leaving no trace of it online.

Another functionality offered by the program is the conversion of PDF files to PowerPoint presentations. This feature allows users to easily transform PDF files into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, thereby saving the original PDF file in PPT or PPTX format. Similarly, PDFSmart has the capability to convert PDF files into JPG format, essentially converting the document into an image. This functionality extends to other image formats such as PNG, TIFF, or BMP.

The company highlights that the entire process is executed securely as PDF Smart utilises two encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of data at all times: the ARC4 protocol and the AES protocol.


Additionally, the program can unlock PDF files, giving users access to the content, even if it is password-protected. The company ensures that once the PDF file is unlocked, PDF Smart has no rights over the document.

Conversely, if you need to encrypt PDF files, this tool is equally effective. It allows you to create encrypted PDF documents using the two aforementioned encryption protocols, and also lets you add a password to prevent unauthorised access to your content.

Finally, this tool enables users to merge or split PDF files. It allows the user to compile and organise multiple PDF files easily using a single tool. The user also has the ability to delete pages, modify the sequence of files or alter their orientation using the online assembly module.

The software also provides the option to split a PDF file. Using an editing module, users can extract specific sections of a document, selecting the parts they wish to separate from the rest in just a few simple steps. Additionally, users can save a specific page from the PDF individually, by simply marking it.

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