German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Slams Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview as “Mockery” and “Absurd”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Slams Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview as “Mockery” and “Absurd”

Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, referred to the interview given by Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, to American journalist Tucker Carlson as a “mockery”. Putin in the interview asserted that it is impossible for Russia to face defeat in Ukraine.

Scholz critiqued Putin’s interview, stating that the Russian president was making a mockery of Russia’s real actions in Ukraine and providing an outlandishly inaccurate explanation for the war’s origins.

He further stressed, “This makes us more resolute: we continue to staunchly support Ukraine,” thereby reaffirming Germany’s support for Ukraine under the leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin, during the Thursday broadcast of the interview, claimed that Ukraine initiated the war in 2014 with the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych. He stated that Russia’s goal is to end this war, which he perceives to have elements of a civil war since Russians and Ukrainians are essentially one people.

Putin also suggested that Russia has not yet accomplished its objectives in Ukraine, with “denazification” being one of them.

On Friday, Scholz had a meeting with President Joe Biden in the United States, where they jointly urged the US Congress to approve more funds for Ukraine. Scholz warned, “Without the backing of the United States and European states, Ukraine would be incapable of defending its own country.”

During a press conference in Washington, Scholz also accused Putin of “spreading numerous falsehoods” in the “absurd interview” with American TV host Tucker Carlson, which was aired on Thursday.

Scholz stated, “Putin intends to annex a portion of his neighbours’ territory. He is purely an imperialist.”

Recently, the 27 European Union countries agreed on a €50 billion aid package for Ukraine until 2027, following the lifting of Hungary’s veto.

Germany, after the United States, is the second largest contributor in absolute terms with over 7 billion euros this year. It is also encouraging its European partners to enhance their aid.