Germany Receives First 3000 BYD Cars

Germany Receives First 3000 BYD Cars

Marking a significant milestone in its ambitious endeavor to penetrate the European market, BYD, a renowned car manufacturing company from China, has successfully unloaded a shipment of around 3,000 electric vehicles at the port of Bremerhaven in northern Germany. The shipment was transported by the company’s first-ever cargo ship, which embarked on its maiden voyage from Shenzhen, a bustling port city located in the southern region of China. As per the information shared by a representative of Blg, a logistics service provider that manages a terminal, the cargo ship reached the Bremerhaven quay on Sunday and the unloading process commenced on the following day. She further added that plans are underway to distribute these electric vehicles across various European countries.

The cargo ship, christened as “Byd Explorer No. 1”, boasts a remarkable capacity of 7,000 vehicles. It was custom-built to cater to the requirements of the Chinese electric car behemoth, BYD, which managed to outpace Tesla in terms of global sales during the last quarter of 2023. The German press has reported that BYD has placed orders for a total of eight similar ships, all of which are powered by liquefied natural gas. The company’s intention behind this move is to utilize these ships for transporting cars from China to Europe. BYD, an acronym for “Build Your Dreams”, is hailed as China’s leading electric car manufacturer and a globally recognized entity in this domain. The company has decided to cease the production of combustion engine cars in 2022, shifting its focus towards the development of hybrid and electric models.

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