‘Giorgia and Joe’ Meet to Discuss From Gaza to Migrants Issues

‘Giorgia and Joe’ Meet to Discuss From Gaza to Migrants Issues

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Meets President Joe Biden

In a warm and cordial atmosphere filled with mutual respect and ‘dear Giorgia’, ‘dear Joe’ exchanges, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had an important meeting with American President Joe Biden at the iconic White House, signifying the strength of the Italy-US relations. Meloni was graciously welcomed into the prestigious Oval Office, marking her position as the rotating president of the G7. This visit comes seven months after their initial face-to-face interaction in July 2023.

During her visit, Meloni expressed her enthusiasm and anticipation for future interactions with the US leader. “I’m happy to be here. I can’t wait to see you in Puglia, we’re waiting for you”, said the Prime Minister, extending an invitation to the US leader for the upcoming meeting of the Majors, scheduled to take place in Borgo Egnazia, in Puglia, from 13 to 15 June.

Biden Expresses Gratitude Towards Italy

In an earlier interaction, President Biden expressed his gratitude towards ‘Giorgia’ and Italy for their unwavering commitment in Ukraine. He also expressed his contentment for the new meeting with the Prime Minister. The topics of discussion during their face-to-face meeting ranged from the G7 to the Middle East, Africa, migrants, Ukraine, artificial intelligence and ways to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Italy and the US.

Meloni on the Middle East Crisis

Prime Minister Meloni addressed the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and emphasized the need for coordinated actions to prevent any further escalation. “We need to agree on our action to avoid an escalation”, she urged President Biden, expressing her full support for the US mediation effort.

For Meloni, the humanitarian aspect holds paramount importance and Italy is “focused on contributing with its efforts” towards a solution. She also stated that to address the Middle East crisis, Italy is striving to “guarantee the two-state perspective, the only long-term solution”.

Italy’s Commitment to Africa

In addition to the Middle East, Meloni also shed light on Italy’s commitment to Africa. She stated to President Biden that “the next G7 will pay special attention to Africa. We have been discussing it for some time, Africa is not a poor continent, it has incredible human riches and materials”. She also expressed her concerns about the predatory approach towards Africa and expressed her desire to change this approach.

In this context, Meloni proposed a global alliance against human trafficking, highlighting it as a way to “solve the migrant crisis” and “fight human trafficking”. Following their one-on-one meeting, Meloni and Biden participated in a bilateral meeting with delegations from both countries. Notably, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was also among the participants.

Prime Minister Meloni’s Departure

After signing the guest book and reinforcing the strong bond of friendship between Italy and the US (“another meeting to strengthen our solid friendship”), Meloni bid adieu to President Biden. She then departed from the White House, without a press point, to head for Toronto. As the president of the G7, she is scheduled to meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday, 2 March.

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