Guto Expresses “Special Affection” for Young People in Coritiba, Praises Them

Guto Expresses “Special Affection” for Young People in Coritiba, Praises Them

The coach, Guto Ferreira, announced his keen observation of the young talents emerging from Coritiba, following their 3-1 triumph over Andraus in the sixth round of the Paranaense Championship. Despite being one player down, Coritiba managed to score their third goal thanks to their 21-year-old midfielder, Geovane Meurer.

Coach Ferreira believes in nurturing and developing these young talents gradually. He says, “We look at people with special affection. Their growth, development, and affirmation are constructed day by day. When we see that they are mature and dominant, they will earn their status and continue. As long as we feel that our work needs to be polished, we need to use our vision and intelligence when pulling in and pulling out, always trying to get the best from each person for the team’s benefit.”

Ferreira explained his decision to bring Geovane on the field before the experienced Sebastian Gómez. He attributed his choice to Geovane’s physical prowess, which allowed the Colombian midfielder to have more freedom on the field. Geovane scored his first professional goal since returning from loan to Pouso Alegre.

According to Ferreira, “When we brought Seba on, making the team more comfortable with the ball, Geovane used his strength in the middle to move forward and have strong exits with Robson and Brandão. This strategy led to our growth and the scoring of the third goal.”

Praise for Ronier and Brandão

Additional standouts in Coritiba’s victory included Lucas Ronier and Brandão, both 19 years old. Ronier, a standout from Coxa in the Copinha, made his debut in the midfield for the main team. Striker Brandão, who recently joined the team after his impressive performance in Londrina’s youth teams, made his debut and won the penalty converted by Robson.

“Ronier is a boy with some very interesting skills and, over time, he adapts to the shock of being a professional, and grows. He is intelligent and daring. Brandão is a player with great potential, and his vigor can add important things to the group,” said the coach.

Coritiba is set to play against Cianorte next Wednesday (7), at 8 pm, at the Albino Turbay Stadium.