Guto Ferreira Criticizes Paranaense’s Refereeing

Guto Ferreira Criticizes Paranaense’s Refereeing

The coach, Guto Ferreira, has voiced strong criticism of the refereeing in the Paraná Championship. His comments were made after the victory of Coritiba over Galo Maringá with a score of 3 to 1, at Willie Davids, this Saturday (10). The coach expressed that the quality of refereeing was unsatisfactory for the competition.

“It is difficult to not comment on the refereeing issues. As much as I’d prefer to only discuss the game, the refereeing situation is problematic. The standards for issuing sanctions aren’t clear. When you voice complaints, it seems you are the one at fault. The referees have been consistently disrespectful, albeit politely”, said Ferreira, clearly upset.

During the second half of the game, Guto received a yellow card from referee Murilo Ugolini Klein for complaining. Guto reported that the Galo Maringá players were not penalized for important free kicks, which according to him, disrupted Coxa’s moves.

“I believe that Coritiba’s management has previously approached the Paraná Football Federation about these issues, yet nothing has changed. Before the start of the championship, we had a meeting with the refereeing team to discuss guidelines. If they revisited that meeting now, I think they would be embarrassed by their words. We do not wish to create a bias against the referees, but we feel wronged game after game”, Guto lamented.

Guto’s Call for Higher Rotation Among Athletes

Despite the victory on Saturday, Coritiba’s performance was mixed. The team had an excellent first half, scoring two goals and creating several chances, but their performance dropped in the second half. As a result, Galo Maringá managed to score and had opportunities to increase their point tally.

Guto took this opportunity to stress the importance of maintaining consistent performance throughout the game to his team.

“Our game started well, we effectively controlled Galo’s game strategy. However, we let our guard down in the second half. I’ve already addressed this with the players. As the competition intensifies, we can’t afford to lower our standards. The team needs to consistently play at a high level”, he emphasized.

Guto also highlighted the challenges of competing with a tight schedule. During the first half, the defender Bruno Melo was injured, necessitating the inclusion of Maurício Antônio, who had initially been rested.

“Today was supposed to be a rest day for Maurício. However, he had to step in during the 22nd minute of the first half due to Bruno’s injury. This disrupted our plans. The adjustments we made today will have implications for our next game. The competition is tough, but we are overcoming obstacles game after game with dedication”, he concluded.

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