Hamas Militants Abduct Israeli Mother’s Husband While She Protects Their Baby

Hamas Militants Abduct Israeli Mother’s Husband While She Protects Their Baby

Israeli Mother Clings to Baby as Husband is Kidnapped by Hamas

A heart-wrenching video has emerged showing an Israeli mother protecting her six-month-old daughter while her husband is being kidnapped by Hamas militants. Lishay Lavi, 38, held on tightly to her baby, Alma, as her husband, Omri Miran, 46, was taken hostage from their home in Kibbutz Nahal Oz on October 7th. The kidnapping occurred during the widespread Hamas attacks that resulted in the deaths of 1,200 Israelis and the hostage-taking of over 200 individuals.

In the footage released by Hamas, Lavi can be seen in her neighbor’s kitchen, cradling Alma, while armed gunmen hover in the background. The family, along with others, were forcefully taken from their home in their pajamas and held at gunpoint in the neighbor’s house. At least five residents, including Miran, were abducted by Hamas, and 14 others were killed during the attack on Kibbutz Nahal Oz, according to Israeli authorities.

Currently, Lavi and her two daughters are living with her parents in Kibbutz Kramim, a small community near the West Bank. She learned weeks ago that Miran is being held by Hamas in Gaza but has not received any further updates on his condition. Lavi recounted the moment of his kidnapping, describing how they said their goodbyes in front of their children before he was forcefully taken away.

“I told him four sentences. I told him that I love him, I told him that I will guard our daughter, that I’m waiting for him, and I told him also, ‘don’t be a hero, because I want you back here,’” Lavi shared with Reuters.

Lavi revealed that her eldest daughter, two-year-old Roni, keeps asking about her father. She now tells her, “Daddy got lost.” Lavi admitted that she is currently receiving therapy but is determined to stay strong for her family.

“It’s not just me. I need my Omri back, I need my man back. I need all the world to understand that Omri was taken from our home, in his boxer shorts, without shoes even, and we need him back. Roni and Alma need him back. So this is my war now,” she declared.

Lavi also stressed the importance of remembering that the kidnapped individuals are not soldiers but citizens who deserve to be brought back home. While the focus may be on the women and children affected by the conflict, Lavi emphasized that the men taken hostage also need to be released.

As the conflict continues, there have been international calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. Israeli troops have already entered Gaza and seized areas around Gaza City. The Qatari prime minister stated that the main obstacles to a deal are now minor, and there is hope that a significant number of hostages could be released in the coming days.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with thousands of Palestinians killed and a large portion of the population displaced. The international community continues to urge for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.