Hamas Ministry of Health Reports Over 30,000 Deaths Since October 7

Hamas Ministry of Health Reports Over 30,000 Deaths Since October 7

The Hamas Ministry of Health has announced that over 30,000 deaths have occurred in the Gaza Strip since the conflict with Israel began on October 7. However, this information has not been independently verified. The conflict started after an unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israeli soil, causing the death of at least 1,160 people, mostly civilians.

According to the UN, the war has turned the Palestinian territory into a “death zone”. This conflict is the deadliest of the five that have occurred between Israel and Hamas since Hamas took power in Gaza in 2007. Every day, civilians suffer the brunt of the fighting and bombings, which have devastated entire neighborhoods and forced 1.7 million Palestinians to flee their homes.

The United States and Qatar, the main mediators in the war, are hoping to negotiate a truce that will allow the release of hostages held in the Palestinian enclave before the start of Ramadan. During the Hamas attack, approximately 250 people were kidnapped and taken to Gaza. Israel reports that 130 hostages are still being held there, with 31 believed to be dead. A previous truce in late November resulted in the release of 105 hostages in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners.

A possible offensive in Rafah

In response to the attacks, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. A ground offensive was launched by the Israeli army on October 27. The IDF reports that 242 soldiers have been killed in the conflict.

In the Gaza Strip, 2.2 million people are at risk of famine according to the UN. The north of the territory is particularly affected, with destruction, fighting and looting making the delivery of aid nearly impossible. The UNRWA has stated that the humanitarian needs are “unlimited”, and has criticized Israel for controlling the entry of aid from Egypt.

VIDEO. Gaza: humanitarian aid dropped from the air as Palestinians face famine

The international community is also concerned about a potential Israeli ground offensive on Rafah, where nearly 1.5 million Palestinians are gathered, according to the UN. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that a truce would only “delay” such an offensive and has promised to evacuate civilians from combat zones.

US President Joe Biden has recently expressed hope for a ceasefire, stating that the Israelis have agreed not to engage in operations during Ramadan in order to “get all the hostages out”. He is hopeful that a ceasefire will be in place by next Monday, but emphasizes that “it’s not done yet.”