Helsinki Stock Exchange Concludes Week Without Clear Direction

Helsinki Stock Exchange Concludes Week Without Clear Direction

This week, the Helsinki Stock Exchange showed a lack of enthusiasm towards the global markets’ rise. Various companies announced their end-of-year results.

By the end of the trading week, the Helsinki Stock Exchange’s general index saw a mere 0.1 percent increase to 9849.62 points, barely different from the week’s start.

Nordea was the most traded stock on Friday, seeing a 0.8 percent increase at the time of review.

Other companies on the rise included drug developer Faron Pharmaceuticals and investment service company Alexandria. Faron’s shares increased by 17.9 percent and Alexandria’s by 11.8 percent.

Among the large companies, Kone and Fortum were on the decline, down 3.0 percent and 1.4 percent respectively.

Kone’s dividend was released today, causing a decrease in its price. Compared to yesterday’s closing price of 45.22 euros, the dividend yield is 3.9 percent, or 1.75 euros.

Lively on the earnings front

Construction company SRV and the employment pension insurance company Varma agreed to construct 128 apartments in Niittykumpu, Espoo.

The contract’s value for SRV is approximately EUR 19 million. The contract will be recorded for the second quarter of 2024. Construction work will start in the summer of 2024 and is scheduled to be completed in early 2026.

By Thursday’s end, SRV’s share was at closing readings.

Various companies published their results report during the day, including maritime logistics company Meriaura Group, total security and digital services specialist A projectile, forest machine parts manufacturer Kesla, used car seller kamux, contract manufacturer serving machine shops compound, stove company fire, and printing house RedBlack.

Kamux’s operating result in the last quarter of the year rose from a year ago, but fell short of analyst expectations. The company’s operating result was 4.5 million euros in October–December. At the same time, in 2022 the operating result was 1.6 million euros. Turnover in the last quarter was 241.6 million euros, compared to 222.9 million euros in the comparison period.

Kamux’s share decreased by 2.0 percent.

Loihti’s end-of-year report and financial statement show a rather uncertain market situation. The company made a reported operating profit of 1.5 million euros in the final quarter of the year, while the comparison period figure was 0.9 million euros.

Loihti’s share increased by 4.7 percent.

Kesla’s result remained narrowly at a loss in October–December. The company predicted a declining turnover and flat operating profit for this year. Unlike last year, Kesla is paying a dividend again. Kesla’s board of directors proposes a maximum dividend of EUR 0.10 per share from last year’s result. The company’s turnover for the entire last year was 55.4 million euros and the operating profit was 1.4 million euros profitable.

Kesla’s share decreased by 1.0 percent.

Tulikivi’s turnover fell to 9.9 million euros in October–December from 13.8 million euros the previous year. Operating profit fell to 0.6 million euros from 1.5 million euros in the comparison period. The company stated the exceptional peak in demand for fireplaces that started in 2022 has now calmed down.

The company’s share saw the largest decline in the stock market, falling 7.5 percent.

Capital investment company CapManin’s board decided on a directed share issue of approximately 30 million euros to implement the acquisition of Dasos Capital, which focuses on forest investments.

The purchase price of Dasos shares will be paid with a directed issue of CapMan shares and a cash consideration of EUR 3.2 million. The board has today decided on the directed issue of 17,672,761 new shares in accordance with the authorization given by the general meeting held on January 18, 2024.

The new shares issued and subscribed in the share issue represent a total of approximately 10 percent ownership in CapMan after the registration of the new shares.

Capman’s share decreased by 1.5 percent at the end of the day.

Elisa’s newly appointed CEO, Topi Manner, bought 3,000 of the company’s shares today. According to the announcement to the market, the average price of the shares was 41.91 euros, making the total amount 125,730 euros.

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