Hiromi Rollin Admits to Defending Herself by Slapping Back

Hiromi Rollin Admits to Defending Herself by Slapping Back

Alain Delon, in an interview with the gendarmes, admitted to having verbal altercations with his partner Hiromi Rollin that could end badly. When questioned about possible abuse and violence, he said that he had physically struck Rollin when she annoyed him. However, in a recent interview with Le Figaro, Rollin, who is accused by Delon’s children of manipulating the 88-year-old actor, admitted to slapping Delon only once.

Rollin stated, “I never inflicted any violence on him, in fact, it would be quite the opposite. I do confess that he slapped me once and I defended myself by slapping him back. That was the only time I ever touched Alain in such a manner.”

On July 5, Delon’s three children filed a complaint against Rollin for harassment, intentional violence against a vulnerable person, abuse of weakness, and cruelty towards a domestic animal. The courts decided not to take any further action.

Hiromi Rollin, 66, was recently expelled by her siblings from the property in Douchy, in Loiret, where she lived with Delon. Delon’s children – Anouchka, Anthony, and Alain-Fabien – have accused her of attempting to isolate their father from the rest of the family, controlling his phone, stealing his mail, denying him medical care, and morally harassing him.

Rollin, however, claims that Delon prefers solitude and that his isolation was a choice he made himself. She highlighted the French star’s stroke, which made him not want to see anyone, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anthony Delon “deliberately distorted reality to incriminate me”

Regarding Delon’s medical care, Rollin stated, “Whenever I had to go to Paris for my medical appointments, I would leave around eleven in the morning and return at six p.m. I would always leave him two bananas and two 50 cl bottles of water with a glass on the table. This was a snack recommended by his doctor to address his potassium deficiency and dehydration. His children were fully aware of this. According to Rollin, Anthony Delon deliberately twisted the truth to frame her.

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On January 25, a guardianship judge placed Alain Delon, who is severely ill, under judicial protection so that a representative could oversee his medical care. The legendary French actor, who lives in his property in Douchy, is now caught in the feud between his children, all of whom claim to have his best interests at heart. Anthony, 59, and Alain-Fabien Delon, 29, want him to stay in the village, while Anouchka Delon, 33, argues that he would receive better care in Switzerland.