Hyper-sensitive Zaho de Sagazan Secures Four Victoires de la Musique Wins

Hyper-sensitive Zaho de Sagazan Secures Four Victoires de la Musique Wins

A year ago, Zaho de Sagazan had not yet released an album and had only given a handful of concerts. A year later, she has become the queen of the 39th Victoires de la Musique, winning four awards at just 24 years old. Her first album, “La symphonie des éclairs”, won album of the year, and she herself won female revelation, stage revelation, and song of the year.

She missed out on the award for audiovisual creation, which went to the Belgian rapper Shay. Despite the competition, Zaho de Sagazan’s success shows she is a popular artist nationally, not just a Parisian trend.

Soon a Zéniths tour

In less than a year, she sold over 50,000 copies of “The Symphony of Lightning” and gave more than a hundred concerts. Next month, she will start a Zéniths tour with five musicians.

Born to a painter and a literature professor, Zaho de Sagazan started playing the piano as a teenager. She creates hybrid music, influenced by the likes of Brel and Barbara as well as Berlin techno.

She founded a label with her friends and oversees everything. She admits that without sadness, she wouldn’t have a job. She says that when she was a teenager, she was overwhelmed by emotions.

“I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m going to wake up”

After the awards, Zaho de Sagazan felt like she was dreaming. She appreciates the recognition from the industry but says that her passion would not have been dampened even if she had not won anything. She believes that she has too many songs to write.

She emphasizes that her Victories also reward long-term work. She used to wonder why she was spending so much time on thirteen songs. She often questioned her decision to pursue music but she did it because she had faith.

The first Victory was the biggest shock of her evening. She did not expect to win the song of the year against other amazing artists. Winning made her so happy that she cried to the point of having no tears left for the other Victoires.

She is a big fan of Yamê and was happy to learn that -M- was the only other artist to have won four Victories in one evening. She revealed that the first song she sang on stage was -M-‘s “The lucky star”.