Interim Government to be Headed by This Man as Palestinian Government Disintegrates

Interim Government to be Headed by This Man as Palestinian Government Disintegrates

Palestinian Government Resigns Amid Regional and US Pressure:

As announced today (Monday) during the weekly cabinet meeting by Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Ashtia, the government has tendered its resignation. This move comes amidst growing pressure from regional countries and the United States. Until a government of experts is formed to handle the transitional phase, termed “the day after,” an interim government under the leadership of Muhammad Mustafa will operate for a period of up to six months.

This development is a part of the strategy led by Abu Mazen for managing the “day after” in Gaza. This strategy is formulated in response to the significant pressure put on him by the U.S. and the international community. The end goal is to establish and enhance the influence of the Palestinian Authority in managing the Gaza Strip.

Ashtea, in his announcement of the government’s resignation, emphasized that “the forthcoming steps and challenges necessitate new governmental and political arrangements.” He pointed towards the evolving situation in the Gaza Strip, the importance of national unity, and the immediate requirement for a Palestinian consensus on a national basis. He also highlighted the need to increase the authority of the Palestinian Authority.

Muhammad Mustafa: The Likely Next Palestinian Prime Minister:

The 69-year-old Muhammad Mustafa, a close confidant and advisor of Abu Mazen, has been frequently mentioned as a potential successor to the Palestinian Prime Minister in Ramallah. Now, after the resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Ashtea, it is anticipated that this scenario will become a reality.

Born in the village of Zur in the Tulkarm region, Mustafa is a financial expert with a substantial academic background. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Baghdad University and a doctorate in economics and management from Georgetown University in Washington.

Muhammad Mustafa’s Impressive Background:

Mustafa boasts a commendable resume, including 15 years of work experience at the World Bank in Washington. Prior to this, he served as the Palestinian Minister of Economy and has spent the last two years serving as a member of the PLO Executive Committee.

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