Iran Launches Satellite from Russian Cosmodrome

Iran Launches Satellite from Russian Cosmodrome

Iran has achieved a significant milestone in its space exploration endeavors by successfully launching its own satellite from the Russian spaceport Vostochny. The satellite, named Pars-1, has been equipped with a camera for the purpose of research. It has been elevated to an altitude of 500 kilometers, as reported by Iranian state media on Thursday.

The launch was facilitated using a Russian Soyuz launch vehicle. According to reports from Russian media, including the state news agency Tass, the primary cargo on board the Soyuz launch vehicle was a fresh weather satellite named Meteor-M. This satellite will be tasked with monitoring the Earth’s natural resources and the situation in near space, among other responsibilities. The Pars-1 satellite from Iran is accompanied by eighteen other smaller satellites, as per the reports.

The Russian space agency, in a press release, has confirmed that all of the spacecraft involved in this mission are intended for civilian missions, as reported by the Interfax news agency.

Over the years, Iran has launched several satellites into space for various purposes. These satellites have been instrumental in collecting data on weather patterns, natural disasters, and agriculture. The Iranian authorities have consistently stated that these space missions do not have any military objectives.

Earlier this year in January, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced that they had successfully launched a satellite from Iranian soil, marking another significant achievement in Iran’s space exploration initiatives.