Israel Continues to Launch Further Attacks in Lebanon

Israel Continues to Launch Further Attacks in Lebanon

Israel’s military has, according to their statements, launched several attacks on southern Lebanon against the Hezbollah militia’s military installations. It was reported on Saturday that aircraft attacked a vehicle carrying terrorists who had launched rocket attacks on Israel.

The military also deployed fighter jets to target the “terrorist infrastructure” of Hezbollah in Labuneh, and attacked two Hezbollah military bases near the town of Blida during the night.

Earlier, the army announced that on Friday, it attacked two facilities of the Iranian-backed militia in the Ramyah area using artillery and aircraft. They reported that after “a number of terrorists” left one of the military installations, they were targeted and killed.

Security sources reported that a drone strike killed three Hezbollah fighters. Their vehicle was targeted in the city of Nakura. According to Ynet, an Israeli news site, a source close to Hezbollah reported that a village in southern Lebanon was attacked by the Israeli military.

Hezbollah members killed

Hezbollah reports a total of six of its members were killed in Israeli attacks. The militia also claimed to have attacked an Israeli barracks near the town of Liman and Israeli soldiers near the border. Initial reports did not mention any potential casualties in Israel. The reports from both sides could not initially be independently confirmed.

Since the Gaza war began in October last year, following a massacre by Hezbollah-allied Hamas and other extremist groups in Israel, there have been ongoing confrontations between Israel’s army and militant groups like Hezbollah in the Israeli-Lebanese border region. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant recently announced plans to increase military pressure on the Hezbollah militia in response to its daily attacks on Israel’s northern border, until the militia fully withdraws from the Israeli border. Hezbollah is allied with Hamas, but is widely considered to be more powerful.

The Shiite militia is based in the buffer zone established in the border area in southern Lebanon following the end of the second Lebanon war in 2006. From there, it launches attacks into northern Israel. In response, Israel targets Hezbollah positions in the buffer zone using artillery and air force.

Israel has repeatedly warned that it is prepared to launch major military operations if diplomatic efforts prove unsuccessful. The conflict has already resulted in casualties on both sides, and tens of thousands of residents have left their hometowns due to the fighting. Israel aims to use military and diplomatic pressure to push Hezbollah back behind the Litani River, 30 kilometers from the border, as mandated by UN Resolution 1701.

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