Israel Detains 100 Suspected Terrorists in Gaza Hospital

Israel Detains 100 Suspected Terrorists in Gaza Hospital

Israeli Army Arrests 100 Over Alleged Terrorist Activities at Nasser Hospital

The Israeli Army made a public announcement on Saturday (17) regarding the arrest of 100 individuals from the Nasser hospital in the city of Khan Yunis, south of Gaza. These individuals are suspected of engaging in terrorist activities. Prior to this, the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari, had stated that there is evidence which suggests that the Hamas terrorist group utilized the hospital as a hideout for hostages and possibly the bodies of abductees.

Continuous Military Operation in Gaza

According to a military statement, “Army troops continue to operate in the Gaza Strip, with soldiers persistently engaging in the Khan Yunis region. So far, 100 people suspected of terrorist activities at Nasser hospital have been detained.” The statement further highlighted that the special forces are implementing a “precise and limited operation” against Hamas within the medical complex – an operation which initiated last Thursday and is founded on intelligence information from the armed forces.

Evidence Found in the Hospital

On its X profile, formerly known as Twitter, the IDF reported the discovery of medicines bearing the names of Israeli hostages within the hospital, in addition to weapons. The post also mentioned that the Israeli troops have been working to repair the hospital’s electrical systems and have supplied baby food and water to the facility. The IDF reiterated its commitment to operate in compliance with international law against Hamas, which is known for its systematic operations within civilian infrastructure.

Counterclaim by Gaza Ministry of Health

Conversely, the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is under the control of Hamas’ political wing, accused the Israeli occupation forces of detaining a significant number of health professionals within the medical complex, and converting the hospital into “a military barracks”. Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaila further claimed that the Israeli occupation army is committing an ongoing crime of genocide against the Nasser hospital, its staff, patients and displaced individuals seeking refuge there. She accused the Israeli army of attempting to annihilate those within the facility via bombings, displacements, arrests of medical personnel, and cuts to medical services, electricity, and oxygen supplies, leading to patient deaths.

Israeli Army’s Response

The Israeli Army also released a statement today indicating that their soldiers had killed an unspecified number of terrorists in the vicinity of the hospital, which was invaded by Israeli troops following a 25-day siege.

G7’s Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

Meanwhile, foreign ministers from the G7 industrialized nations, during the Munich Security Conference, called for a ceasefire in Gaza to facilitate the release of hostages held by Hamas. The ministers expressed their desire for the immediate suspension of fighting, to ensure the release of Israeli hostages and aid Palestinian civilians. Antonio Tajani, the head of Italian diplomacy, stated that the primary concern of all G7 nations is the protection of all civilians, particularly women and children.

US Stance on the Situation

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also communicated to Israeli President Isaac Herzog that the country will not support a military incursion into Rafah without a plan to protect civilians. He insisted that the US “could not support a military operation on the ground in Rafah without a credible and viable plan to reinforce the security of the millions of people taking refuge there”. During the Security Conference, Blinken emphasized the importance of all parties taking measures to protect civilian lives and prevent the conflict from spreading. (With EFE Agency)