Israeli Attacks on Damascus Outskirts Kill Two Members of Pro-Iran Militias

Israeli Attacks on Damascus Outskirts Kill Two Members of Pro-Iran Militias

On Wednesday night, Israeli Army carried out attacks on the surroundings of Damascus, the capital of Syria, from the occupied Golan Heights. These attacks resulted in the death of two members of pro-Iran militias, while six others sustained injuries.

The source of this information is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which operates out of London and also serves as an informant within the Arab nation. The organization has reported these figures, albeit provisionally, since the search for any missing persons in the aftermath of the attack is still underway.

The Israeli bombardments targeted two specific sites – a pair of buildings situated within a farm, and a training center that serves the aforementioned militias. These two locations, despite being separated by a distance of approximately 600 meters, are both situated in the province of Rural Damascus.

According to records maintained by the Observatory, this marks the 17th time that Israeli forces have launched attacks on Syrian territory since the turn of the year. The cumulative death toll from these attacks stands at 37, a figure that includes Syrian and Iranian soldiers, militiamen, and nine civilians.

As for the Golan Heights, this is a territory that was originally seized by Israel from Syria during the course of two wars – the Six-Day War in 1967, and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. While Israel effectively annexed the territory in 1981, this move has not been recognized by the international community.