Jean-Luc Reichmann Opens Up After Being a Victim of Attempted Burglifer

Jean-Luc Reichmann Opens Up After Being a Victim of Attempted Burglifer

Television host Jean-Luc Reichmann shared his deeply unsettling experience of a burglary attempt at his home with RTL. He described the incident as a psychological shakeup, not just for him, but also for his wife and children. Reichmann expressed relief that they managed to avoid the worst possible outcomes of the situation.

Reichmann mentioned that the entire family, six in total, was home during the incident. He speculated that if the intruders had managed to get inside, there may have been a confrontation. He also appreciated the fact that their pet dog and the layout of the house, with the children upstairs and the adults downstairs, may have deterred the burglars. Despite this, he admitted uncertainty about how they would have reacted if the burglars had managed to enter.

Five suspects were arrested after being spotted climbing the gate of Reichmann’s property in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine. They were chased away by Reichmann’s son who noticed a light in the courtyard. BAC police officers, who arrived swiftly at the scene, saw the suspects fleeing. A chase ensued, culminating in their arrest in Épinay-sur-Seine.

Reichmann, who is known for playing a police officer in the TF1 series “Léo Mattéï, Brigade of Minors”, expressed his admiration for the real-life police forces. He praised their efficiency and hard work in the investigation, aided by his home surveillance cameras. He also mentioned the civic-mindedness of a neighbor who called the police upon seeing a suspicious car.

After the incident, Reichmann took to social media to reassure his followers. In a post on his X account (former Twitter account), he expressed shock, but confirmed that his family was safe. He also used this opportunity to express his gratitude to the security and police services for their prompt and efficient response.

An investigation into the incident has been launched and handed over to the local police station. The charges involve criminal conspiracy, refusal to comply, and attempted homicide on a person holding public authority, as confirmed by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office to Le Parisien.

Recent months have seen a surge in home burglaries and assaults, particularly among celebrities, in Paris and its affluent suburbs.

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