Joe Biden Faces Severe Criticism Over ‘Humiliating’ and ‘Dismal’ Incident at Arlington

Joe Biden Faces Severe Criticism Over ‘Humiliating’ and ‘Dismal’ Incident at Arlington

Video of President Joe Biden attending a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier has gone viral as he appeared disoriented and confused. The event took place on Veterans Day in Arlington, with Vice President Kamala Harris, representatives of the U.S. Armed Forces, and a large crowd in attendance.

During the ceremony, Biden was handed the wreath by a U.S. Army service member, which he placed in front of the tomb. However, after standing there for a while, he hesitated and seemed unsure of where to go next. He turned to the service member next to the tomb, as if seeking direction. The service member extended his arm and guided Biden back in line next to the vice president for the rest of the ceremony.

Following the circulation of the video, many U.S. citizens took to social media to express their embarrassment and disappointment. Some called the situation “pathetic” and urged Biden to resign. Talk radio host Michael Brown even addressed First Lady Jill Biden, asking her to intervene. Critics argued that incidents like these undermine Biden’s ability to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

This is not the first time Biden’s actions have made headlines. In June, he fell on stage at the United States Air Force Academy Graduation. Despite these incidents, Biden delivered a speech on Veterans Day, honoring America’s veterans and acknowledging their role as the backbone of the nation. He also expressed his personal connection to the military as the father of a son who served.

Biden concluded his speech by stating that “our veterans are the steel spine of this nation and their families, like so many of you, are the courageous heart.”

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